Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (2024)

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (1)

As humans, we have always thrived to find smarter ways of using the tools available to us. The Google search engine is one such example where it provides results to billions of queries daily. This page covers all the Google Dorks available for SQL Injection, Credit Card Details and cameras/webcams in a List that you can save as a PDF and download later.

As interesting as this would sound, it is widely known as “Google Hacking“. It combines different search queries to look for a very specific piece of data that may be interesting to you. The information shared below is only for White hat purposes only.

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About Google Dorks and what they are used for

This is a search query that is used to look for certain information on the Google search engine. These are developed and published by security thefts and are used quite often in google hacking.

These are very powerful. They allow searching for a variety of information on the web plus can also be used to find the information we did not even know existed.

Since they are powerful they are used by security criminals often to find information regarding victims or information that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in sites and web apps.

Google search engine is designed primarily to crawl anything over the web and all this helps to find:

  • Text, images, news, videos and a plethora of information.
  • As it has a tremendous ability to crawl it indexes data along the way which includes sensitive information like login credentials, email addresses, sensitive files, site vulnerabilities and even financial information. In most cases we being users won’t be aware of it.

How to use Google Dorks Cheat Sheet (Explained)

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (2)

For this, you simply need to type the below queries in the search box on Google and hit enter. Following are the some of best queries that can be used to look for specific for information:

10 Google Dork Popular Query Examples

  1. Inurl:.give “register forum” – This one is used to search for sites on .gov domains which carry the words “register forum”. It searches for governmental sites which allow registering for a forum.
  2. “register forum” – This one is used to search for sites on .edu domains that carry words “register forum”. It searches for school sites that allow registering for a forum.
  3. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .com domain which carry the words “powered by VBulletin”. It searched for sites that run on this forum software.
  4. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .mil domain which carry the words “powered by vbulletin”. It searched for military sites which run on this forum software.
  5. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .edu domain which carry worlds “powered by vbulletin”. It searches for school sites which run on this forum software.
  6. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .mil domains which carry words “powered by vbulletin”. It searched for military sites which run on this forum software.
  7. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .gov domains which carry words “powered by vbulletin”. It searches for government sites which run on this forum software.
  8. “powered by vbulletin” – This one is used to search for sites on .edu domain which carry words “powered by vbulletin”. It searches for sites that run on this forum software.
  9. Inurl:edu “login” – This one is used to search for sites on .edu domains that carry the words “login”. It searches for school sites that contain login information.
  10. “phone number” – This one is used to search for sites on .edu domains that carry the words “phone number”. Student “phone number” – it searches for sites on .edu domains that carry words “student” and “phone number”.
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Google Dorks For SQL Injection purposes (SQL Dorks)

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (3)

Scraper API provides a proxy service that is designed for web scraping, with this you can complete large scraping jobs quickly without having to worry about being blocked by any servers plus it has more than 20 million residential IPs across 14 countries along with software that handles JavaScript able to render and solve CAPTCHAs.

  1. Cache

( web) shall show the cached content with the word “web” highlighted. This function can also be accessed by clicking on the “cached” link on its main result page. The query (cache:) shall show the version of the web page that it has on its cache. Like ( shall show Google’s cache for its homepage.

  1. Link

( shall list webpages that carry links to its homepage.

  1. Related

( shall list webpages that are similar to its homepage.

  1. Info

( shall show information regarding its homepage.

  1. Define

Query (define) shall provide the definition of words you enter after it, which are collected from different online sources. The definition shall be for the complete phrase entered (it shall have all words in exact order typed) like (define:google)

  1. Stocks

If you begin the query with (stocks:) operator, Google shall treat the rest of the query terms as stock ticker symbols, and shall link to a page that shows information for symbols. Like (stocks: intc yhoo) shall show information regarding Intel and Yahoo

Note: You need to type in ticker symbols, not the name of the company.

  1. Site

If you include (site) in the query then it shall restrict results to sites that are given in the domain. Like (help shall find pages regarding help within (help site:com) shall find pages regarding help within .com URLs.

Note: There should be no space between “site” and domain.

Download SQL Dorks PDF:

SQL Injection Dorks [PDF Document]

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Google Dorks for Credit Card Details (New)

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (4)

Credit Card details are one of the most valuable pieces of data that an entity with malicious intent can get its hands on. Below are some dorks that will allow you to search for some Credit or Debit card details online using Google.


If you begin a query with (allintitle) then it shall restrict results to those with all of the query words in title. Like (allintitle: google search) shall return documents that only have both “google” and “search” in title.


If you include (intitle) in the query then it shall restrict results to docs that carry that word in title. Like (infinite:google search) shall return docs that mention the word “google” in their title and also mention the word “search” anywhere in the doc (title or no). Putting (intitle:) in front of each word in the query is equal to putting (allintitle:) in front of the query: (intitle:google intile:search) is the name as (allintitle: google search).

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If a query begins with (allinurl:) then it shall restrict results to those with all query words in url. Like (allinurl: google search) shall return only docs which carry both “google” and “search” in url. It ignores punctuation to be particular, thus, (allinurl: foo/bar) shall restrict results to page with words “foo” and “bar” in url, but shall not need to be separated by a slash within url, that they could be adjacent or that they be in that certain word order. For now there is no way to enforce such constraints.


In the query if you add (inurl:) shall then it shall restrict results to docs carrying that word in the url. Like (inurl:google search) shall return docs which mention word “google” in their url and also mention “search” anywhere in the doc (url or no). If you put “inurl:” in front of each word of query is equal to putting “allinurl:” in front of query: (inurl:google inurl:search) is the same as (allinurl: google search).

Now the search service never intends to get unauthorized access of data but nothing can be done if we keep data in the open and do not follow proper security mechanisms.

Emails, passcodes, usernames, financial data and others should not be available in public unless it is meant to be. Like our bank details are never expected to be available in the Google search bar whereas our social media details are available in public as we allow them.

Google Dorks for Credit Card Details [PDF Document]

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Google Dorks for Online Cameras

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (5)

Security cameras need to be connected to the internet to have a knowhow on what is going on in the area you live, the moment you connect any device with the internet someone can get access to it hypothetically. You can use Google Dorks to search for cameras online that have their IP address exposed on the web and are open to the public.

This scary part is once it is compromised, a security theft can make some lateral moves into other devices which are connected.

After this he/she can:

  1. Disable alarm systems.
  2. Hack into the system.
  3. Torment one house by blasting music.
  4. Turn on the Television and whatnot.

All this and a lot can happen as long as it is connected to the same network. Below are some Google Dorks that can help you discover some Webcams or Cameras that are exposed online.

Download Camera/Webcam Dorks:

Camera and WebCam Dork Queries [PDF Document]

Secure your Webcam so it does NOT appear in Dorks searches:

Passcodes MUST be complex

Do not use the default username and password which come with the device. Change it to something unique which is difficult to break. Avoid using names, addresses, and others. We suggest using a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

Change passwords frequently

Never hold onto one password for a long time, make sure to change it.

Keep their firmware up-to-date

Make sure to keep your software up-to-date as this shall help to patch vulnerabilities in software that allow security hackers to access the device. Vendors of surveillance expect users to update their devices manually. So, check to see if you have an update available. Set up manual security updates, if it is an option.

Install a Firewall

This is a network security system that keeps all the bad guys out.

Full Disclaimer: Please use these only for educational and informational purposes only. We do not encourage any hacking-related activities. DekiSoft will not be responsible for any damage you cause using the above information.

Conclusion – Are you using any Google Dorks?

This was our extensive article on Google Dorks Cheat Sheet that you can use mainly for SQL Dorks and finding Credit Card Details. There are also some Dorks shared for cameras and webcams that can be accessed by an IP address. You can also save these as a PDF to download. Let us know which ones are you using and why below in the comments.

Google Dorks List (2023 Updated) - SQL Dorks, Credit Card Details, Camera - DekiSoft (2024)


Is Google Dork legal? ›

Is Google dorking illegal? Google dorking is completely legal — it's just another form of searching after all. Google was built to handle advanced searches, and banning this functionality would limit information access.

What is Google Dork used for? ›

A: Google Dorks is a search technique that uses advanced operators to search for information that is not typically indexed by search engines. Hackers use it to find sensitive information stored on websites, such as passwords or credit card numbers.

What Google Dork is used to search inside the site? ›

A Google Dork is a special search term. These terms, when used with regular search keywords, can help us discover hidden resources crawled by Google. These resources include sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, shell scripts, user accounts, and so on.

What is Google dorking commands? ›

A Google dork query, sometimes just referred to as a dork, is a search string or custom query that uses advanced search operators to find information not readily available on a website. Google dorking, also known as Google hacking, can return information difficult to locate through simple search queries.

What things are not allowed to search on Google? ›

We don't allow content that could directly facilitate serious and immediate harm to people or animals. This includes, but isn't limited to, dangerous goods, services or activities, and self-harm, such as mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse.

Does Google show illegal sites? ›

Google does not report illegal searches but may report illegal activity, particularly related to child p*rnography, when demanded by a court order.

What is cache in Google dork? ›

Cache: This dork shows you the cached version of any website. · Syntax: · A backup snapshot of each website is taken by Google in case the current one is unavailable. Google then caches these pages.

What is Google Dorks for finding vulnerabilities? ›

Google Dorking is a technique that hackers use to find information that may have been accidentally exposed to the internet.

What are the two elements of a Google dork? ›

A dork refines that query, by combining technical and semantic elements, in order to take full advantage of the fact that web content is being constantly scanned and indexed by machines.

What is an InURL? ›

What is inURL Command? The term InURL Search Command refers to retrieving documents that are anywhere in the URL that contains the term indicated. The possibilities of using Search Command in URL are intended to search for help pages, since they have a regular composition.

How do you access Google advanced search? ›

Go to Advanced Search from Google
  1. On your computer, do a search on
  2. Below the search box, select the type of results: All, Images, Videos, or Books.
  3. For more search options, to the right of the search bar, click Settings. Advanced search.

What is Google advanced search? ›

Google Advanced Search is a more detailed method of finding information on Google. It uses a variety of Google search operators that consists of special characters and commands – also known as “advanced operators” – that goes beyond a normal Google search.

What are the Google hacks? ›

Google hacking, also named Google dorking, is a hacker technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code that websites are using.

What is Shodan Dorks? ›

Shodan is a search engine for Internet-connected devices.

What is Google Dorks for extension? ›

Dork It is a Chrome Extension that allows users to utilize Google Dorks to get the most out of their Google searches. Dork It is an intuitive and convenient Chrome Extension designed to enhance your online search experience.

What things should you not search? ›

9 Things You Should Never Google
  • srinil_photo/Shutterstock. Anything that's going to embarrass you. ...
  • Take Photo/Shutterstock. Anything that's going to incriminate you. ...
  • Taras Atamaniv/Shutterstock. Skin conditions.
May 25, 2023

What is the most searched question on Google? ›

What is the most asked question on Google? Answer: What to watch? The number one most popular question in terms of search volume, meaning the greatest number of people search for this phrase each month, is related to entertainment.

Does the FBI monitor Google searches? ›

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has the authority to monitor online activity, including internet searches, as part of its law enforcement responsibilities.

Does Google filter out illegal images? ›

Google Search makes information easy to find, but we never want Search to surface content that is illegal or sexually exploits children. It's our policy to block search results that lead to child sexual abuse imagery or material that appears to sexually victimize, endanger, or otherwise exploit children.

What will clearing Google cache do? ›

When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

What do you lose when you clear Chrome cache? ›

Web addresses you've visited are removed from the History page. Shortcuts to those pages are removed from the New Tab page. Address bar predictions for those websites are no longer shown.

What is safe to delete in cache? ›

Generally speaking, yes it is safe to clear your browser cache... When you clear your browser cache, you are simply telling your web browser to delete the temporary files that it has automatically downloaded in order to show you a website.

What are the suspicious activity in a hacked Google account? ›

Your Gmail activity might be suspicious if:
  • You no longer receive emails.
  • Your friends say they got spam or unusual emails from you.
  • Your username has been changed.
  • Your emails were deleted from your inbox and aren't found in "Trash". ...
  • You find "Sent Emails" that you didn't write.

Which websites are vulnerable to hackers? ›

Top 12 Vulnerable Websites for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Training
  • Hack The Box.
  • CTFlearn.
  • bWAPP.
  • HackThisSite.
  • Google Gruyere.
  • Damn Vulnerable iOS App - DVIA.
  • Hellbound Hackers.
  • OWASP Mutillidae II.
May 18, 2021

What is exploit database? ›

Exploit Database (ExploitDB) is an archive of exploits for the purpose of public security, and it explains what can be found on the database. The ExploitDB is a very useful resource for identifying possible weaknesses in your network and for staying up to date on current attacks occurring in other networks.

What are the two elements using which search engine works? ›

A search engine consists of two main parts: index and algorithms. To build its index, it crawls known pages and follows links to find new ones. The aim of search algorithms is to return the best, most relevant results. Search result quality is important for building market share.

What is an example of the type of content that could be gathered from a website Tryhackme? ›

The question has a couple of possible answers of the type of content that can be gathered from a website. It could be urls to other websites posted on the crawled website, could be information on specific subjects, or keywords.

Which of the following is an active footprinting technique? ›

Active footprinting describes the process of using tools and techniques, like using the traceroute commands or a ping sweep -- Internet Control Message Protocol sweep -- to collect data about a specific target. This often triggers the target's intrusion detection system (IDS).

What is an example of inurl search? ›

Alternatively, you could also use the “inurl:” search operator.
  • Your keyword inurl:“write for us”
  • Your keyword inurl:“become an author”
  • Your keyword inurl:”contribute”
  • Your keyword inurl:“guest article”
  • Your keyword inurl:“submit a post”
  • Your keyword inurl:“submit an article”
4 days ago

How do I use Google search operators? ›

You can use symbols or words in your search to make your search results more precise.
  1. Google Search usually ignores punctuation that isn't part of a search operator.
  2. Don't put spaces between the symbol or word and your search term. A search for will work, but site: won't.

Is there an advanced search in Gmail? ›

The Advanced search button appears below the search bar. It's also accessible by clicking the Show search options icon in the search bar. The advanced search contains various fields to help you narrow down results. You can filter messages by the sent date, message size, sender name, subject phrase, and more.

How do I turn on advanced settings on Google? ›

To access the advanced settings, click on the three dots and click "Advanced" on the left side. The "Advanced" section will expand to show all the advanced settings that you can tweak.

How do I use Boolean operators in Google search? ›

How to perform a Boolean search? It's quite simple actually. You go to Google, type in your keywords and add a few additional words and symbols to get more relevant results. These additional words (called operators) and symbols (called modifiers) make up the foundation of the Boolean search.

What is the intitle search operator? ›

intitle: The intitle: Google operator shows results that have the specified keyword or phrase within the page title. Like all search operators, you can chain together most operators to get custom results.

What is advanced search link? ›

An advanced search operator is a special type of search within a search engine which commands the search engine to return very specific results. This can be achieved by giving you search a certain structure and by including certain characters.

What is the secret Google search? ›

With the social media search Google secret, you can use the @ symbol followed by the handle of an account. Google will compile results for that user, including web pages and tweets. You can also narrow your search by typing those terms followed by the site you want to search, like Twitter.

What tricks can you do on Google? ›

  • Do A Barrel Roll. The Google Do A Barrel Roll trick is one of the oldest tricks in the book. ...
  • Google Gravity. Gravity is one of the most important and powerful forces known to man. ...
  • Thanos Snap. ...
  • Atari Breakout. ...
  • Zerg Rush. ...
  • Flip A Coin. ...
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ...
  • Vintage games.
May 15, 2023

How can I find out if I have been hacked? ›

Some of the most common signs of a hack are as follows.
  • Password reset emails. ...
  • Random popups. ...
  • Contacts receiving fake emails or text messages from you. ...
  • Redirected internet searches. ...
  • Computer, network, or internet connection slows down. ...
  • Ransomware messages.
Mar 13, 2023

Why do hackers use Shodan? ›

Known as 'Shodan', this database lists millions of internet-connected devices, along with details about what the device is, where it is located – and if it is still using the default password. Because Shodan can be used by anyone, hackers can use the search engine to locate and target insecure devices.

What is Shodan exploit? ›

Shodan attempts to grab the system's banner directly, gathering the data by way of the associated server's ports. Banner grabbing is a key step for penetration testing as it helps identify vulnerable systems. Shodan also searches corresponding exploits in the search platform's exploit section.

What is the Shodan command to get your internet facing IP address? ›

myip. Returns your Internet-facing IP address.

What data can we find using Google Dorks? ›

Google dorking is used to find hidden information that is otherwise inaccessible through a normal Google search. Google dorks can reveal sensitive or private information about websites and the companies, organizations, and individuals that own and operate them.

What are Google dorks examples? ›

A: Popular Google Dorks include site:, intext:, inurl:, filetype:, and intitle:. These operators can be used to search for specific file types or content within a website.

Is it legal to Google someone? ›

Despite the awkward nature of most people's search histories, the majority of searches are perfectly legal. People are searching for information and even if that information is unusual or related to something criminal, the search itself is not a crime.

What are the disadvantages of Google dorking? ›

Vulnerable data is easily exposed to Google Dorking, which can easily lead to hacking or penetrating the website itself. To prevent such attacks from fingerprinting vulnerable applications, we need to understand how they work in the wild.

What must Google dork include? ›

All you need to carry out a Google dork is a computer, an internet connection and a basic understanding of the appropriate search syntax: keywords and symbols (sometimes called “operators” or “filters”) that you can use to refine your search results.

What is Dorking? ›

: an English breed of large domestic fowls having five toes or the hind toe double. or dorking plural Dorkings or dorkings : a bird of the Dorking breed that was developed as a general-purpose fowl but is now largely a fancier's breed.

Can you tell if someone Googled you? ›

There is no way to know if you've been Googled, and you can't know how many times your name has appeared in search results. However, you can use Google Alerts to find some answers. An alert looking for your own name might seem somewhat self-absorbed, but it's the first step in playing it safe.

Can someone track your Google? ›

Yes, they can.

The people who can access this information could be your boss or family member if they control the network. It is best to use security tools: VPNs, HTTPS proxies, and the Tor browser to keep your searches private from them.

Can someone see if I googled them? ›

Can Someone See When You Google Them? If you search for someone's name online, they won't receive a notification that you Googled their name, nor can they find out that you searched for them.

What do Google hackers do? ›

Google Hacking involves an attacker submitting queries to Google's search engine with the intention of finding sensitive information residing on Web pages that have been indexed by Google, or finding sensitive information with respect to vulnerabilities in applications indexed by Google.

What is Google Dorking also known as? ›

Google hacking, also named Google dorking, is a hacker technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code that websites are using.

What is Dorking cyber? ›

Google Dorking or Google hacking refers to using Google search techniques to hack into vulnerable sites or search for information that is not available in public search results.

What is Dorks another name for in cyber security? ›

Google indexes billions of web pages, making them accessible to the public, who easily use its simple search interface. In this article, we have shown the potential of Google Dorks (also known as Google hacking) for finding sensitive content online that we cannot find when using Google's simple search interface.


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